Skilled Nursing Care (SNF/ICF)

Spurgeon Manor has 55 Medicare-certified beds. Twenty-nine beds are a mixture of private and semi-private rooms and 16 are private rooms specific for Alzheimer/dementia care in our Eby Court. This level of care requires a physical in addition to the following:

  • Individual is under the supervision of a physician.
  • Individual is not of mental health or affliction unable to be cared for by our staff due to expectations of potential harm to self or others.
  • Individual does not have a disease or physical condition which would more appropriately be treated in another facility. Resident is required to have a TB test prior to admission.
  • Satisfactory financial arrangements have been made.

The daily rate covers room, board, and care from the facility.  RNs, LPNs, CMAs, and CNAs provide 24-hour care.  Special needs such as wheelchairs, walkers, special mattresses, oxygen, therapies (i.e. Physical, Occupational, or Speech) are charged separately.  Charges for medical supplies, dressings, incontinent supplies, and catheterization are also not included in the daily rate and will be billed to the resident.  The rooms are furnished with an electric bed, chest of drawers, bedside table, and a chair.  Other items may be brought in as space permits.  We want you to make your room as home-like as possible.  All meals, housekeeping, laundry, and activities are offered daily.